About Bridgetti

Bridgetti is a social entrepreneur, livestreamer and advocate for digital storytelling. She produces and hosts online livestreaming shows for social media and the web and leads conversations with entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Bridgetti is an active member of the global live streaming community, social media and leading online marketing groups and founder of the Cape Town Water Crisis Page on Facebook. She has been livestreaming about the Water Crisis since April 2017. Cape Town is experiencing an unprecedented drought that could turn into a humanitarian crisis. Cape Town will be the first developed City in the world to run out of water referred to as Day Zero affecting its 4 million residents. Bridgetti hosts informational livestreaming events about the drought that empowers and informs viewers to make smart choices about the drought. It also gives viewers access to various water experts.

Advancing Digital Conversations

I livestream on Facebook using features that are not available when going live using Facebook natively such as the ability to use pictures, lower thirds and branding providing a professional looking broadcast. This is a great platform for hosting talkshows, presentations and interviews, from launching startups, to doing product launches, reviews, announcements, breaking news, social impact projects, etc. It can accommodate a host and up to three guests on screen at the same time. The service offering includes preparation with a pre-event livestream to create anticipation, producing and hosting the livestream and supplying a copy of the recording. Livestreaming is very interactive unlike one way traditional media and creates an enjoyable experience for the host, guest/s and the audience. It can feature audience comments on screen as well as include them, thereby transforming viewers into participants in the broadcast! The audience becomes involved in the livestream.

Harness the power of LIVE video and let us help you take your online presence to a new level. Livestreaming helps you make authentic connections with people when you allow people to see who you truly are. Through live video people get to see your passion and what drives you. That's hard to describe on a business card or on your website or blog. Live video literally helps you clone yourself because no one else can market your business, book, service or tell your story quite the way only you truly can. LIVE video ... just do it!

Information Technology

Business, Healthcare, Education, Finance and Security, they all require Information Technology (IT). IT offers a host of different career choices including becoming an enterprise architect, a network architect, a programmer, systems analyst, database administrator, security analyst, information architect, web developer etc. There is a shortage of skills worldwide creating a constant need to invest in expanding the skills pool. Information Technology as a career needs to be more accessible and inclusive.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness at school and in the workplace affects us all. Both time and commitment is required to address preventable wellness. Many chronic diseases which accounts for absenteeism in the workplace also increases the cost of overall healthcare and is deserving of our attention.

Creating Awareness of Life with Chronic Pain

I am a Chronic Pain Visibility Advocate because this topic is personal. Everyday life is challenging as there is no instruction manual on how to deal with it on a day to day basis. Life is fraught with many challenges ranging from mobility, self-care, dealing with responsibilities at home, social life, relationships, the ability to earn an income and remain in the workforce, recognition of chronic pain as a disability, medication and healthcare in general. All of these areas require continued exploration.

Women Empowerment

From the moment girls are born the rhetoric is that they would become nurturers and homemakers and that they can cry and hurt and boys should man up. This line of thinking is being challenged as boys need to know that crying is ok and girls need to know that careers in STEM need not be male dominated. For these changes to occur we need to have more conversations that empower and enlighten our paths.

Connecting Women of Africa with a Global Network

Thanks to technology our local villages have expanded into global ones. Connecting and empowering women globally builds stronger communities, economies, families and improves the lives of many women and men around the globe. We need to explore roles women can play in creating gender equality in the workplace, health and safety, education, enterprise development and advocacy in general.

Family and Parenting

Family life forms the very fabric of society and therefore the topic of Family and Parenting is relevant to everyone. Whilst each of our challenges may be unique it is always reassuring to know that we are not alone. Exploring common problems and solutions and practical tips to navigate life helps us cope better with our challenges and makes us feel less alone.

Building Families and Future Generations

As parents we need to pass on more than just good business sense to our children. We need to ensure that our children not only have skills to pass on to the next generation but also have skills to cope with life as we experience it now. We need the skills to cope with death, divorce, separation, bullying, family arguments, abuse, adoption and dealing with disabilities etc.

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A Shared Experience

Social Enterprise

Balancing Commercial and Social Enterprise

Social entrepreneurship and social enterprises tackle social, economic and environmental issues for the global good. It improves the lives of communities, provides people with access to employment and skills development and assists with taking care of our environment not only for ourselves, but also for future generations.

Personal Growth

Personal growth involves the development of our potential to enhance our quality of life, to realise our goals, to improve awareness and build human capital amongst other things

Sharing the Human Experience

Our personal journeys teaches us how to become wiser as we mature. Life experiences and challenges teaches us how to become more empathetic and compassionate. When we share those experiences we touch the lives of others. We now have the ability to not only touch the lives of those in our immediate circles in a positive way but also those of millions of others around the globe. The old saying of sharing is caring may sound corny but it's true.

Online Safety

Online safety entails having the knowledge to manage not only the risks it poses to the safety of private information and property but also the ability to protect oneself from personal cyber attacks in its many forms. Be passionate about Online Safety. Bullying is real. It affects both children and adults. Be a part of the change by not ignoring that it exists.

Managing the Risks on Online Interaction

Whilst our connected world has opened up many positive benefits it is also fraught with challenges such as cyberbullying, sexting, over-sharing and over-use. These challenges are not gender specific and include adults and children alike. Both adults and children often fall prey to online predators. It is a conversation we should not turn a blind eye to. Pretending it does not exist will not make the problem go away. Because of widespread access to technology, online protection of our children is a role parents must take seriously. Just because your child does not own a device does not mean they don't have access to it. Online safety and protection is everyones business.

Travel and Culture

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation broadly defines a tourist as anyone who travels away from home for more than one night and less than one year. Travelling is no longer restricted to holidays. People travel locally and globally for many different reasons. The boundaries between work and leisure travel often become blurred.

Experiencing Places, Culture and Tradition

In our connected world we now have the choice to experience places, cultures and traditions not only in person, but through armchair travel and through the eyes and experiences of others. Join us in our conversations as we explore the world through the eyes of others.


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